Scratch Cards History

The history of the scratch card is a very interesting topic, as they don’t go as far back as many may have originally thought. In fact, scratch cards are one of the inventions of our generations, and as they are so popular, it seems they will be around for many generations to come.

Compared to other online gambling games such as slots and bingo, scratch cards are very new, as the first scratch card was developed, uncannily, on a computer.
In 1974, the American gaming company named Scientific Games Corporation produced the first ever computerised scratch card, which was then referred to as an ‘instant lottery game’. After its computerised creation, it wasn’t long before it was a popular game with lottery fans and it was clear that it wouldn’t be long before such things were available to the general public.
Just over ten years later in 1987, another US company named Astro-Med Inc applied for the patent for the first ever scratch off scratch card/scratch ticket and the patent was quickly granted. It was from this point onwards that scratch cards became popular and completely known worldwide by so many millions of people.

For a while, scratch cards weren’t widely available, and very often, on the eighties, if you required a scratch card, you would have to request one from the shop keeper who would usually hide them either out the back, or in their cash tills. As the years went on though, scratch off tickets started to become more widely requested in the US, and in 1995, the popularity hit an all time high, when the UK’s National Lottery launched a whole variety of scratch cards in stores nationwide to sell along with lottery tickets which had been only running for just under a year at the time itself.
Back then, scratch cards cost from as little as 10p, but as popularity rises, the prices as well as the prizes went up, and nowadays, millions can be won from a scratch card that could set you back £5.

Now, scratch cards are known by most people, and can not only be played by purchasing one or many from your local shop or supermarket, but also, online, like most gambling games. They are also used for promotional uses very regularly, in advertising campaigns and for prize give aways run by national newspapers.

The scratch card has without a doubt, come a long way.