Are Online Scratch games fair?

If you play scratch cards that you buy in a shop, you have something real in your hands. You can physically choose a card, scratch it off yourself and see straight away if you have won or not. Because you can see the results, you feel in control. Even if you do not win, people scratching off the ticket generally feel that the system is fair.

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Many people are a little bit wary of playing scratch card games online to begin with, as they are worried that the games are not fair and will not give them a chance of winning. Because they cannot choose the cards, only the type of game and it is played on a computer – they feel a little concerned on how fair it is. However you can rest assured as companies who provide scratch games devote a great deal of time and money to ensure that their games are very fair and offer all players the chance of winning.

Scratch Games & The RNG

Online gaming companies use what is called a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that there is no bias in any of their games. The Neo Games network makes sure that every scratch card is unique and encrypted by their system. When a player decides to play at a certain game the RNG will select a card, and only then will the system make it readable. This system was tested extensively before it was launched with millions of cards. The results were carefully checked to make sure it was working as was planned and intended. The system is still tested at regular intervals to ensure that standards do not slip.

Odds and overall fairness of scratch games online

The RNG is a way of making sure that every scratch card game you play is completely fair. Even if someone knew the number of a winning card they would not be able to select to play it, so if you thought that any winners would be friends or family of someone in the company you can rest assured that this is not the case. It really is a case of pure luck as the scratch card games are 100% random. The odds say that one in every three scratch card games will win, which is far better odds than the lottery in fact. It just depends on whether you get a big win or a small win.

Online scratch card companies take the matter of security very seriously. In the past companies in other online gaming sectors have been hit by controversy when their systems were judged not to be fair, which caused them to lose many players and a big slice of revenue along with their reputations. They have learnt from other peoples mistakes and have high standards to ensure that the same does not happen to them. Therefore, with the use of the RNG and other methods, they have set up a fair system to ensure that everyone has the same chance of winning when playing online scratch card games.