Tips to win at scratch cards

Getting the win at scratch cards is just like any other instant game or game of chance. Some people have a random approach to playing scratch cards; they will play whichever card takes their fancy and spend according to their budget. Other players try to follow a strategy for playing scratch cards; either one they have set themselves or one they have picked up from someone else. There is never a guarantee that you will win, nor is there a guarantee that the big win will ever come. However, there may be common sense tactics you can follow if you have defined a specific goal in your scratch card play.

Before getting into our tips for winning scratch games, it is important to talk pre-game tactics. Prior to approaching your next session of scratch card games, give some serious thought to your goals and objectives of playing. Are you looking for a big scratch card win or are you merely happy booking smaller wins? Would you prefer to chance hitting a “big one” by risking being done in 20 minutes without booking a single win or is your preference to play various scratch games for a few hours, as you are doing so for leisure?

In the scenario that we are running for our tips, let us suppose we are playing at Prime Scratch Cards & we’ve deposited after taking advantage of the £5 free money in Prime Scratch Cash. We’ve deposited to take advantage of the maximum bonus and are looking to both make our money last us a bit and book some sizable wins that make playing both enjoyable and financially worth while. Under these assumptions, try the following tactics, techniques, and approaches that are designed to give you the best edge in playing scratch cards & capturing the biggest wins possible:

Follow Recent Scratch Game Winners

Our first winning scratch card tip is pay attention to the winners. This should be easy, as winners and winning players or teams command attention by themselves and it is quite easy to give them attention as most scratch card sites have a list of recent winners so you can see which games have had a big scratch card win. Scratch card sites do this to inspire other players, encouraging them by showing how much people have won and what they were playing at. You can use this as your strategy for playing scratch cards; play what games have produced multiple winners, as hopefully you will also be able to get a big win on them as well. On the other hand you might want to avoid scratch card games that have not be won at as you may feel that they are not lucky, or have higher odds for some reason.

Play many games with a small stake

You might decide your strategy for playing scratch cards is to play many games with a small stake, instead of playing just a few games with a large stake. This way you get to play a lot more games, stretching out your budget and the longer you can play for the bigger chance you have of registering some wins. By playing with a smaller stake, you will not be able to play for the largest possible jackpot so may miss out on a big win, but smaller wins soon add up. More people win small and medium sized prizes than they do the massive prizes, so this strategy can pay off nicely. And here’s the good news – the odds of hitting a medium sized jackpot are a great deal better than the odds are for taking down a grand prize jackpot. Over time, your numerous medium sized wins may even exceed that of the big jackpot, especially if you are a regular player and factor in how much it has cost you in chasing the jackpot!

Split your play over different sessions

Many people believe it is better to split their playing over a few different sessions rather than sit down for one huge session. That way if Lady Luck is missing one day she might be around the next time. If you have had a run of bad luck lately, try this strategy for playing scratch cards and see if it makes a difference.

Do not chase your losses

One strategy that is always good to follow, whether playing scratch cards or any other type of gaming, is to never chase your losses. Some days will be luckier than others will, so if you are having a session and constantly losing its better to stop and return another day.

Have fun

Above all playing scratch cards is meant to be a fun experience, as well as hopefully being a profitable one. This might seem to be a strange strategy for playing scratch cards, and getting a big win, but we think it is important to remember this at all times, so if you are not having fun leave and come back another day.

Winning Scratch Card Tips

  1. deposit and devise a plan
  2. winners hang with winners, so follow the winners and play winning games
  3. play smaller stake scratch card games to stay within your spending limits
  4. spread your scratch games play over several sessions
  5. book wins and do not chase losses
  6. enjoy yourself, as it is all about having fun!

I hope that by following our tips for getting a big scratch card win you will have fun and walk away with a large jackpot. You will probably receive all sorts of advice, but find a strategy for playing scratch cards that works for you and stick to it. Keep in mind, however, that scratch cards (whether online or physical scratch off lottery tickets) are designed to benefit the house or the organization sponsoring the games. This means that there will be more losers than there are winners and that the “house” has the edge in these types of games. As a player, your goal should be to have a fun and enjoyable session while trying to smartly go about avoiding the most unfavorable odds while taking advantage of any “hot spots” in terms of where you can best find your edge or cut down the house’s edge the most.