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Play at Winnings now instantly makes an impression on the viewer. Between an animated coin, falling glitter, and a woman pointing directly at you, the home page of this scratch cards site manages to be eye-catching without being excessive and overdone. Directly to the right of the animation sits a button that reads “play scratch cards!” This button is well placed, in part because it happens to be the only one of the buttons below the animation that has money next to it. Is this a coincidence? Maybe it’s not.

Winnings scratch cards

By scrolling to the bottom of Winnings first page, you can read more about the scratch cards site’s cash prizes and more about how the system works in your favor. According to the website, every third card wins. In other words, your odds are one out of three. They also mention that signing up gives you five pounds free with no deposit required. It’s a great start up option, especially if you’re not sure about the site and want to test it first.

By clicking on button that reads “play scratch cards!” you are taken to a new window that takes a second or two to load. The load time is not excessive, and it’s a good time to take a break and grab a drink if you don’t have one already. By the time you sit back down, you’ll be ready to go!

The new window that opens from the site gives you three options: play five cards for free for no deposit, practice with free play, and help. First of all, let’s talk about the five cards for free deal that’s presented. For a small amount of information (in other words, the information that you would give to sign up for a Facebook or YouTube account), you gain access to five free scratchers. The variety is a little dull until you pay a few more pounds into their pot, but five free cards for no money whatsoever is still a great deal!

Pressing the free play button takes you to the same login page. You can sign up and sign in here to play free scratchers, but you won’t receive any of the “winnings” from the scratch cards site if you choose this option. It’s still fun to play them, though, so if you have free time, it’s definitely worth a scratch or two!

Pressing the help button opens up yet another window that brings you to a frequently asked questions page. This could be useful to anyone who encounters a problem at sign up or for those of us who just like to read the frequently asked question pages. After all, sometimes people ask the stupid questions for you! An interesting part of this scratch cards site’s frequently asked questions page is their inclusion of the history of scratch cards portion. The website gives you a pretty thorough history of the fun gambling tickets, and it’s pretty enlightening. The help button opens a new window too, which can be convenient. Although, watch out if your computer is prone to crashing when you have a lot of windows open!

The conclusion? Well, is interesting, to say the least. It has a fast load time, a great start up option, and an easy sign up process. This website has everything that a great scratch card site should have and more. Plus, they walk you through scratch cards the first time you play that. Anyone who’s played a scratch card before should be familiar with the shame of not knowing how to play. Ultimately, this site is a winner. site review

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